RMOF: Model-Driven Development in Ruby

RMOF is an implementation of EMOF (Essential MOF), from the OMG's Meta-Object Specification v2.0, in Ruby. Includes a parser/printer for models and metamodels in XMI, an API generator, and a reflective editor built on GTK.


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Screenshot of reflective model editor Screenshot of object select dialog


Project Home Page at RubyForge

MOF / EMOF: The specification defined by the OMG.

EMF: An implementation of the EMOF specification in Java.
MDR: An implementation of MOF 1.x (JMI) in Java.

Triskell Project: Research project in model driven engineering at INRIA/University of Rennes 1.


Jim Steel (jimsteel[AT]gmail) and Franck Fleurey (fleurey[AT]gmail)

Updated  23 Nov. 2005